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I think after the documentary aired, the concentration for us was really on the survivors and the support that they were getting. Do you think the documentary worked to lessen the victim-blaming these women face in any way? The first season of Surviving R Kelly worked diligently to make audiences care about Kelly’s survivors and issue a call to action. Surviving R Kelly Part II: what can we learn from the horrifying update? That’s when we started having conversations about the possibility of a part two. MeToo movement, and the slim possibility of a third season. At first, the team behind the documentary was completely against doing a second season. Miranda Bryant: All of us were adamantly against doing a second season. Did it play a role in filming this second season? What was the motivating force for this season? Last year, Surviving R Kelly spotlighted multiple women who shared allegations of sexual violence and abuse committed by Kelly. What was nice about Surviving R Kelly is that it gave a more inclusive perspective on what’s been happening in the world of sexual of violence with women

Daniels: If you were blaming a survivor, we wanted to peel that back and explain why you shouldn’t blame any survivor. A lot of people pointed to the music industry, so we wanted to pull the curtain back on that. They are: - 1. Sexual expression; 2. Love; 3. Fame/Power/Financial Gain; 4. Music; 5. Friendship; 6. Master Mind Alliances (between 2 or more people); 7. Mutual Suffering; 8. Autosuggestion; 9. Fear; 10. Alcohol and Narcotics. MuteRKelly gained steam. Since Surviving R Kelly first aired in January 2019, more than two dozen ***-crime charges have been filed against Kelly. The pressure culminated in a volatile interview between Kelly and Gayle King in March 2019, Kelly shouting in tears: "I didn’t do this stuff! I’m thinking especially about his interview with Gayle King. I’m fighting for my fucking life! Sexuality in ancient Egypt was open, untainted by guilt and considered an important part of everyday life

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