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Rhodes University-Where Leaders LearnRhodes University’s Education Department makes history, Rhodes University Administrator to coach Windbreakers basketball team, Customary law in South African courts, A ray of hope for the city of Makhanda, Rhodes University 2019 graduates inspire Makhanda learners, Rhodes University students win international accolade, Giving language a universal voice: The journey to reviving, resuscitating and reigniting isiXhosa after 30 years, WATER WEEKLY 7 - 17 April 2019, Water resource PhD graduate to continue the legacy of Professor O’Keeffe, Rhodes University honours Masters and PhD students at special event, Honours degree for petrol attendant, It’s all systems go for Rhodes University 2019 graduation , Astronomers capture first image of a black hole, The right to vote: a South African discussion, Local resident overcomes obstacles to graduate at Rhodes University, Seventy-seven-year-old botanist crowns her life’s work with a PhD at Rhodes University, KISCH chats patents - 웹
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